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‘ok!’, that’s last word that detective sullivan said before he got shoot on his head from officer ….

actually, for you, what the last word that you expect out from your mouth in the last time of your life? jesus said, ‘it was done’, that was mean that he had done his work in this world, to sacrifice our life from the dirty sin. for me, i want to said those word too. ‘it was done’, i want that when i’m dying, i had done all my duties in this world, too. as a christian, i believe that i have a lot job to do here, in this world. just to tell about what jesus done to us. may be you gonna think that, ‘it’s a simple job’. yes, i agree with you. some job will be the simple or easy job when there’s no rocks on your way.


Written by gerald

October 17, 2006 at 7:22 am

Posted in just curio

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