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before the pdo: excitement!

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almost 2 weeks after the final selection announcement, some posts in facebook group wasn’t talk about the anxiety about being selected or not anymore, but mostly about sharing from the alumni how to ‘survive’ in the USA, living cost, travelling around that country and so on. even some candidates are making alist to do what and where should they go during the time we’re there. USA has been our dream and this is the perfect way to go visit and feel how to life in US. yes, this is my dream too and i can’t wait until the departure time. USA, i’m coming!

about the up coming event, pre departure orientation (pdo) will be held between 13-16 may. for accomodations, aminef reserved 3 hotels in senggigi, lombok for this event. we’re more than ready to come to this event. program & agenda details has delivered, transportation and accomodation details during the pdo also has received by all the selected candidates, even some candidates has planned to extend their time in lombok until weekend. i do extend my time there, just to take some time with my family &  friends there. it cost me around rp. 190.000,- to change my flight back from lombok-pontianak, the aminef bought me a ticket back to pontianak 1 day after the pdo but i extend my time in lombok, so i will be there until weekend. i don’t know how much time i have before the departure time to the USA, maybe this is the only time i will see my family in lombok before the departure time, i don’t know yet; it will decided maybe on the pdo this weekend and i’m so exited to attend this event. not because of the event only, this is the first time i will meet some other candidates.

at the pdo, there will be some private sessions for our cci program only, but there are some sessions that will unite us with other fulbright program grantees such as american senior and junior scholars, indonesian foreign language teaching assistant (flta), indonesian humphrey fellows, indonesian senior and junior scholars, etc. one week before the final selected ago i met with an american fulbrighter from u.s., Joan and George Edwards, Joan is the professor in nursing, has spent 7 months in indonesia and will be here until the next 3 months. it would be great to meet them again in this fulbright event.

i hope that i still have some time after pdo to go back home and prepare all things i will need for that trip. there’s a list of needs i have to prepare such as souvenirs, warm clothes, universal adapter for electricity, etc. after the pdo we will be busy with the visa things such as the online visa application and interview. i haven’t decided where will i take the interview because it depends on my location. now i’m still working in west kalimantan until early june then i will go back home to bali. if the visa interview held before my resignation date, so i will do the interview at u.s. embassy in jakarta, but if it held after i go back to bali, i have to take it at u.s embassy in surabaya. kinda complicated.. @_@

ready for the exitment in lombok!! i’m coming home!!!

ps: there’s still no update for another 10 nominees for their final selection. we’d share joy together while being nomination, we got the final result 2 weeks ago, but they’re still waiting for the decission from the selection board in washington d.c. we really hope the best for them, hope we still can depart together to us! amen!


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  1. […] i said before, most of us have never been met before, our meeting in lombok mostly our first met for each other. […]

  2. ka mau tanya kelanjutan 10 kandidat yg belum dapet kabar dr selection board gimana? Alasan knp mereka belum dpt kabar akhirny apa? Hehehe penasaran. Thx


    December 23, 2012 at 12:16 am

    • 5 orang lolos dengan pengumuman yg berbeda-beda, yang paling terakhir sekitar awal Agustus dikasi tau kalau ybs lolos, berangkatnya juga paling terakhir, sekitar awal sept..
      Sisanya aku ga dengar lagi kabarnya.
      Alasannya aku juga ga tau..


      December 23, 2012 at 12:23 am

  3. wah gitu ya, berarti masih ada kemungkinan besar dong kalau nominated failed di selected yaa?? apa mungkin karena sisanya itu alternate yaa. deg-degan banget dong yaa


    December 23, 2012 at 1:39 pm

    • Baru bisa 99% lega setelah dapet “visa approved!” 1%nya setelah terima tiket.
      Kami galau berbulan-bulan kok, facebook group bener2 bantu karena bisa berbagi galau.. Hehehehe..


      December 23, 2012 at 3:22 pm

    • iya kalo itu ka..
      saya udh nominated gini, bercampur antara seneng dan worried T.T Hahaha

      kalo yg di washington itu berarti lg pemilihan college utk kita juga dong? Berarti bener” tergantung major kita available di college di sana plus kuota ? Apa gimana.? Hemm, kalo gitu udh msk nominated 50% lebih bakal ‘diberangkatin’ ya ? Hehehe *need some1 to convince nih sanking deg2annya* thx loh ka infonya :D


      December 24, 2012 at 7:57 pm

    • Justru deg-degan itu seninya, hahaha.. Ga deg-degan ga seru. 😉

      Hmm, setauku yg di Washington DC itu cuman menentukan lolos atau enggaknya. Setelah tau lolos atau enggak, peserta baru bisa tau penempatan beberapa minggu kemudian.

      Kami tahu penempatan kami sekitar 3 minggu setelah pengumuman saat PDO


      December 27, 2012 at 9:08 am

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