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Welcome to The States

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So, here we are. Finally we made to be here, at the United State. Most of the CCI Program students from Indonesia are in their host colleges now. There are a few under NWCCI consortium in their way to The State from Indonesia now. The CCC students were here just a few days before the CCID students.

Most of the students under CCID consortium traveled  on August 6 from Indonesia (CGK) to Chicago (ORD) via Japan (NRT). We were in Chicago for CCID Arrival Orientation 2012. The orientation held in the University of Chicago, Illinois on August 7-10. We were united from 12 countries in that event. It was nice to see almost the CCID staff and the CCI students from all of countries; there are some pre-academic students in Pennsylvania cannot go to the event. We spent the best 3 days in Chicago last week. We’re doing orientation, some briefing from the CCID staff, and also from the Department of The State who funded our CCI Program. We’re also have a lot of fun. We’re going to the Museum of Science and Industry Chicago, watching a baseball game between Chicago Cubs vs Cincinnati Sox in Wrigley Field, and the last one we were having river boat tour at downtown Chicago and after the tour we were delivered to Millenium Park and Navy Pier.

On August 11 all the CCID student went to their host colleges. We traveled by bus with students who will be in Madison and Green Bay. We arrived at the LaQuinta Inns, Appleton around 3 PM. We had to stay at the hotel for a couple of nights because our Lynndale apartment wasn’t ready yet. We will be moving to the apartment today.

Chicago was very nice for most of us. When we arrived, the weather was very good. It’s quite warm but not for he rest of that week. The day after the weather changed, it’s cloudy and windy all day long, that’s why the called Chicago as the windy city. It’s because of the location near the great lake. Moved to Appleton on Saturday, the weather was good as well, it’s quite warm but the wind ‘lil bit cold. The weather in this week will be around 18-25 Celsius.

We will be at the campus orientation from August 13-22 with another international students from another programs. There are 18 countries including the CCI student in this orientation. There will be 7 countries for CCI program, 7 countris for SEED program, 3 countries for YFU program and 1 country for CYBX program. This will be a great week before we start our class in August 23rd.

 ps: photos to be followed


Written by gerald

August 14, 2012 at 1:17 am

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