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Just experienced my first week college in USA. I will share about the class and the study method in my classes.

I take 17 credits (6 courses) for this fall semester. Three credits for English Writing Advanced course, 12 credits for 4 Human Resources courses (3 credits each) and the last 2 credits for Personal Development and Global Leadership Development course. Two of 4 my HR classes will be started on the last week of October 2012. So basically from now until last week of October I only have 4 classes, 2 classes on Monday and the other two on Wednesday. Great schedule, isn’t it?

My Monday classes started by English Wring Advanced class on 8:30-11:20 AM. I like this class. The class only for 11 people, all of them come from different countries such El Salvador, Dominican Republic, a country in North Africa (I’m forget the name), Korea, Brazil, and Indonesia of course.

The next class is Employee Relations class. This is an accelerated class, the normal class usually has around 16 meetings, but for accelerated they only have 8 meeting during this semester. My 3 of 4 HR classes are accelerated class, that’s why the other 2 classes started in October. This Employee Relations class starts on 12:30-14:20 PM, almost 4 hours! So in Monday, my schedule is full from 8:30 AM – 4:20 PM, but only for 2 classes. Compare to the classes I’ve ever toke for my bachelor degree, these classes take more time. But it won’t make me sleepy because the classes method is very different from the Indonesian classes. The professor don’t take much time just to speak from book or from PowerPoint slides, it’s more interactive. We’re doing a lot of discussion. The discussion could be the whole time from the class start until the end. There are much time for students to speak their mind, show their way of thinking, share the ideas.

My first Wednesday classes start from 12:30-3:20 PM. It’s a Human Resources Management class. This is the only HR class I take this semester which isn’t an accelerated class. By the way, all my HR classes are taught by the same person, Mary Schils, SPHR. She’s an professional in HR management area with a lot of experienced in HR area.

The last class of the week is the Personal Development and Global Leadership Development Class. Just had this class this evening and I fell in love with the class. We will talk a lot about leadership, global issues, and a lot of things about America in this class. And also there are some meeting that will be not in class, like a field trip.

Something that I found ‘different’ in this Community College is the student not always young. Some people in my classes are much older than me. I said older mean real old, some even have some grandchildren. Some people do this ‘school’ again for their career changing, some already had been working for years in a company and then decided to learn some new things. Some even have degree in different field but need to learn new thing, those reasons bring them up to this college. I love their passion to learn more. There’s you can see the visualization of “never too old to learn”.

PS: There are some text book that I the program bought for us. For all my classes, I have 6 required text book which cost $1,770. yep, that much. I could buy a Macbook and an iPad with that money


Written by gerald

August 30, 2012 at 1:00 pm

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