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It’s been a while since my last post. Just kind of busy with college activities. Not that ‘busy’ actually. As I said on my previous post, until the last week of October 2012, I only have 4 classes from my 6 classes in this fall semester. I only spend 2 days at campus for classes. But there some activities that keep me busy and doing something in my free time.

All that I can say, the US education put the high standard on their students. It’s really different with my previous education experienced in Indonesia. They do give much reading assignment. On my first 2 HR classes, the professor gave us 2 and 3 chapters reading assignments. Each chapter has 20-60 pages. I was shock, I was never had this much reading assignment before. In my previous experienced, the professor used to gave use the task from the text book to be done, but not in here. That’s the way they teaches us to use the text book. Here, they just asked to read the book and will discuss about the chapter we read in the class room. It is not a must to do the reading assignment, the professor will not ask every students whether they’ve done their reading or not, but by reading the book we have a chance to get in the class discussion. And somehow I enjoy the books (and the reading) they’ve given for us.

my HR books this semester

Last week we opened table for Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (ICF) club at the club recruitment day. Actually the ICF club in my campus has been deactivate for the last 3 (or 4?) years because there were no member. The basic requirement to make a club active is the club has at least 8 students member. That’s why I contacted Tim Webster, the Intervarsity staff for Lawrence University as my Intervarsity contact in Appleton few months before my departure to the U.S. And just a week before the club recruitment day, I found out that there was a ICF club in my campus but the status were deactivate, so we need to meet some requirements to make the club active again. Finally we got 12 students registered at the day. Now we are doing some administration activities so that club could be recognized by the campus. This is important because we have to be registered as an active campus to make some club activities. Tim still help us to do this things. The campus bible study is planning to be held as soon as we get this work done.

FVTC & Lawrence uv. Intervarsity

I also had a great experienced for the last 2 weekends. I went to Crivitz County at the northern Wisconsin with the Webster Family, the next weekend I went to Door County with the International Students in my campus. At Crivitz, we spent 2 nights at the Webster’s cabin log at the river side of Peshtigo River. We also went to the Caldron Falls Reservoir for kayaking and swimming. Not just that, it was a Webster’s family gathering so we met all the 3 generations Webster’s family.

There will be another weekend activities ahead, including a field trip to Chicago & Milwaukee.. Yipee!!

Written by gerald

September 14, 2012 at 2:29 am

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