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Chicago, The Windy City Trip, Part 2

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The next day, I woke up at 5.45 A.M, met Jimmy and Florian at the lobby and we departed from the hotel to the park. We’re planning to go there by subway, so we bought 1 day CTA pass from Walgreens. 1 day CTA pass is only $5.99 and can be used for subway (Metra) and bus. That’s a very good deal because you will need $2.25 for one trip without that card.
We bought some sandwiches for breakfast and headed to Lincoln Park by metro. It only took less then 5 minutes from Chicago subway station to Clark station-the nearest subway station to the park. But we still had to walk about 20-30 to reach that park. We walk through some residence area at the old town. I love the neighborhood.
I had no idea about this park before. When we arrived, there’s Abraham Lincoln statue, and the environment just like another US park. Then we ended at a bridge that can see downtown of Chicago from a distance. That’s a very nice view! I wonder how great that view at night when the lights on. I planned to go there again at the night, but I cancelled it because I was too tired of whole day walking.
We went back to the hotel after that by walking.  We had to be at the hotel before walking tour schedule at 9.45 A.M.



We arrived at the hotel at 9.30 then I decided to took some rest while charging my digital camera. As I said at the previous post, I decided to walk alone, not to join the walking tour with another students, because I had another destination, Chicago International Film Festival.
I woke up at 11 and realized that was a big rain outside, although I brought an umbrella, I was too lazy to use it. I thought it must be complicated to bring an umbrella while walking, so I decided to went outside using a waterproof jacket instead an umbrella.
I walked for 8-10 blocks to get the AMC Theatre where the Chicago International Film Festival took place. I found out that I only have 1 chanced to see one movie at 2 P.M. I got my ticket for a movie, Keep The Lights On. I bought a ticket using my student card so I could get student prize. It’s only $11 for a show for student. The door opened 30 minutes before the movie begun, the line was started 30 minutes before that.
I was so exited. That was my first International Film Festival. There’s also one Indonesian film called, Postcard From The Zoo, but I cannot see that movie because the schedule didn’t match with my schedule.
Before the movie was begun, there’s a welcome speech from the committee and from the film’s director.



The film was ended around 4 P.M, after that I decided to walked again to The Loop, the shopping arcade at the downtown Chicago, near the Millennium Park. I just walked until I found Chicago Cultural Center. It’s like an art center for art exhibition. at the second floor, there a very nice hall with art-deco design and there would be a wedding party at the hall of that building, the staff were preparing with wedding decoration at that hall. That must be a great wedding there.
There were also some exhibitions at different rooms there. Most the exhibitions were bout modern art. I didn’t into art, so I just enjoyed the exhibitions and took some pictures there.


I continued walk back to the hotel because we had appointment to meet at the lobby for John Hancock Tower visit at the night. There’s an observatory deck at the 94th floor of that tower. In the good weather, we can see 360° of the city of Chicago. The problem was, it was rain all day long that day, and there’s mist covered the city since then. Aaron informed there’s zero visibility from the tower. He asked if we still wanted to go or not. Most of us decided to go there since we’re not sure if we will be there again or fact, the mist wasn’t that bad, we still could see Chicago at night.


After that trip, Jenny and I decided to go to the Chinatown by metro. That was her first experience using Chicago metro, the second for me. On the way back, we decided to get off one station before our nearest station to the hotel, just to see another part off the city at the night. We found two Chicago news TV station held their news studio just in front of the sidewalk so people can see the news anchor live. That was new for me, because usually we need a special access to see news studio live, even we can see all the behind screen process. It was almost 1 A.M when we got back to the hotel.

We checked out from the hotel in the morning and headed to Shedd Aquarium that Sunday morning. There were 2 places to visit before we went back to Appleton, Shedd Aquarium and the Field Museum.  Like the other places and museums, these 2 places need more than 1 day to visit all of them. I mean not only just visiting, but also enjoying the exhibitions. 1 day on Shedd Aquarium is possible, but not for Field Museum, it needs more than a day. This three-floors museum has several exhibitions that require hours to visit. I visited that museum for 3 hours, walking for 3 hours non-stop, several stop just to read the explanations, still not enough; I didn’t have a chance to visit the lowest floor. Sad smile



That was our last place to vising during that trip, we leaved the city around 4 P.M back to our ‘dairyland’. Chicago, I love that city, the crowds, the public transportations, the big-city ambience. Still hoping for another chance to get back there.


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October 27, 2012 at 1:02 pm

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