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#PeopleAroundUs: $1 Smile

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It’s always been a great feeling to see a smile in people’s faces.

What could I do with $1? I could buy a bunch of candy; I could buy a small pack of Payday snack from the vending; I could buy a bottle of water; and I can put a smile on a sad face. I did use my $1 much worth than I’ve ever done before.

I was on a trip to Minneapolis, MN to visit Opa & Oma Geary today. The bus was scheduled to leave at 10:45 a.m from Appleton. I was there at the bus office an hour before to issue my ticket. I had about 45 minutes to spend and decided to go to the library nearby to borrow a book as my ‘friend’ in the trip.

I was back to the station 20 minutes before the scheduled time and were looking for some snacks. I was standing nearby a snack’s vending machine when a woman came after me. She was about 50-60 years old, 150 cm tall, curly hair with an black old long coat, holding some packages of Halloween candy.

“Do you want to buy some candies for $1? I need $2 to buy a bus ticket,” she said.

I looked at her and realized she didn’t talk to me but to the man who was standing next to me. The man refused to buy, then the woman turned to me and offered me the same candies. I said no, quickly.

I only had $5 cash at that time. I didn’t put much cash money as usual, lucky the vending at the bus station received card for payment. I got my snack then I moved to another vending to bought a bottle of water.

A moment later, I was having my snack when I saw her standing beside her luggage, sad and worry. It was about 10 minutes before the bus about to leave. I couldn’t take my eye from her. She looked gloomy, hopeless.

I kept looking at her and decided to buy another snack with my-only-$5-cash. I chose the cheap one and had some changes. I came after her and asked if she still had the $1 package of candy. She happily nodded and took the same package of Halloween candy I saw before from her purse, handed it to me, then I handed her my $1 coin. She smiled and said thank you, a sincere one, not like the one I say after got some changes from a cashier.

I was standing at one point when I saw her walked in to the bus office. She took all money from her pocket into the high table which separate her with the officer. I didn’t know how much the ticket cost. I saw some small changes came out from her purse and they counted the money together, put it in some stacks, and she gave it all to the bus officer.

All the passengers, including me, were lining up before jumping into the bus when she walked out from the office with a big smile on her face and happily shouted, not to me, to all the people, “I’ve got my ticket! Thank you!”

She looked completely different with a smile on her face. She wasn’t the women I saw earlier. She was very happy. I couldn’t say how happy I was seeing her.

That moment, I realized that I had spent a very great deal with my $1, a smile on her face.

The Lady in The Office

The Lady in The Bus Office

The Candies

The Candies


Written by gerald

November 2, 2012 at 2:38 am

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