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Letter to My Self

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A final assignment of one of my class last semester is to write a letter to our self, about our achievement during our study in The US. So here my letter, to my self.

Dear Gerald,

Do you remember years ago when you asked, “When will we go to America, mom?” Then that request became a dream that you put in your bucket list.

Do you remember two-and-half years ago when you promise to continue your study by your own money or scholarship? You promise you will not stop with the degree you’ve got and will study more. Do you remember?

Do you remember the anxiety when you had to wait for the scholarships notification, both between to Australia Development Study (ADS) and The United States? And the time when you disappointed
because you didn’t get the invitation to the interview for the ADS?

Do you remember the time when you were so grateful after each notification that finally brought you to win the scholarship to The United States? Do you remember all your promises to study hard, learn everything, no to be afraid to try something new?

It has been four months you have been living in your dream, you’re childhood dream. You are learning new day by day. It had been your dream to come here, continue your study, and got a scholarship.

You have your new adventures, new friends, and new communities. You have been learning much about people, respect, cultures, and yourself. Do not stop at that point, have your next dream, gain more, experience more, know more.

You had started with dreams, still look up to your dreams, every day, and make it happen.



Written by gerald

January 16, 2013 at 3:11 pm


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what can i say for her, she beyonds words. she’s just great. she raised us with power and love, she did everything to make us happy.
something I will always remember is when I eager to buy something and ask for her permission, she won’t say ‘no’, but she keep ask, ‘what did it for?’ then i will try my best to give her the best reason that i can think that time.. even when I couldn’t make a good reason, she would let me to buy that thing, ‘buy it, so you can sleep well tonight’, she said.

she’s the one who never complain for the life she live, even in the end of her life, when she’s suffering from the pain, she still can say ‘praise The Lord’. she teached me a lot how to say thank you, how to appreciate everything I got  from my self pocket or anybody else.
to keep stand on God’s promises when we have nothing to hold on; to still obey Him, even when we think we were in the hardest part of life.

she’s may not won ‘the best mother award’, but for me, she’s everything.

goodbye, mom..
denpasar, 27 february 2012

“When they arrive at the gates of death, God welcomes those who love him” – Psalm 116: 15

Praise The Lord


Written by gerald

March 19, 2012 at 2:21 pm

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